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Klara Andersson







Söndagar 13 feb, 20 feb, 27 feb och 13 mars kl 14.00 - 21.00

I samarbete med projektledaren och ljudkonstnären
Mikael Bojén och Ljudkonstgalleriet i Göteborg och presenterar Teater Trixter den svenska ljudkonstnären och kompositören Klara Andersson och hennes

verk "we sing, when we can´t sing we scream, when we can´t scream we whisper,when we can´t whisper we listen” inom ramen för ljudkonstprojektet LjK7H.

LjK7H ( LjudKonst 7Härad ) är ett ljudkonstprojekt som initierats och leds av Mikael Bojén och som pågår sedan 2016 i Sjuhäradsbygden med syfte att framföra ljudkonst i regionen.
I år vidgas projektet och kommer att framföra ljudkonst även utanför Sjuhäradsbygdens gränser. Först ut är 
Klara Andersson som deltagit i LjK7H med flera verk sedan projektets start.
Denna gång framför vi verket "we sing, when we can´t sing we scream, when we can´t scream we whisper,
when we can´t whisper we listen” utanför entrén till Teater Trixter.
Verket framförs samtidigt på ljudkonstgalleriet
ohrenhoch i Berlin.

Under 4 söndagar kommer Klaras verk att kunna upplevas vid Trixters entré med start den 13 februari kl 14.00 - 21.00.


We sing,
when we can’t sing we scream,
when we can’t scream we
when we can’t whisper we listen.

A documentary hörspiel part of LjK7H with support from the Swedish Arts Council.

In a crisis, meaning shifts and everyday simple things become symbolic markers
reminding us about the loss of life before the crisis as the fragility of life,
the body, normality takes over everything.

I’m staging this world, my pandemic, in a hörspiel and as an installation in two modes,
from the outside and from within.
From zero deaths to a million. As a cross-section of life, I’m collecting my emails,
mobile phone videos, web search history, field recordings, diary notes,
instagram posts into a chronology where the mundane and the dramatic moves
in and out of each other in an effort to understand the processes that slowly
and drastically leads us away from our old reality.

There are cultural layers and generalizations that keep us away from each other
but in the most private and vulnerable there are experiences most of us share.
This has become more present during the pandemic where the shared
and the personal have collided in new ways and almost all humans have shared
an isolated existence and a common threat.

Or to quote Arvo Pärt:
“The coronavirus has shown us in a painful way that humanity is a single organism”

Short bio:
Swedish sound artist and composer Klara Andersson examines unexplored,
digital material and human stories as archeological artifacts from her generation;
chat conversations, web camera videos, forgotten websites that carry information about
our time.
In her work, this volatile, cultural waste material is allowed into our
contemporary narrative where its unsorted, meaninglessness manages to contain
some of our most fundamental human conundrums.

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