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- The production suits all kind of rooms for theatre or art galleries which can be darkened and has a minimun ceiling height of 3,5 m, depth 7 m and width 6 m.

- The actors need possibility to shower after the performance.

- We use guache, a water-based colour, easy to clean and non-toxic.

Review, The Gothenburg Post


”…a total work of art, amongst the boldest things I’ve seen on a stage in Gothenburg.” ”Karin Blixts concept for the performance is both perspicacious and brave. Spoken word has been replaced with colour and form, realism has been dumped för an abstract expression. Instead of clarity – nuances!”


”The trio is powerful together. From their differences a nerve emerges that goes well together with Björn Knutssons haunting music which ranges from dark ambience to cheerful swing." 


Imagine if colours could talk, if our words could smear off on each other? Expressions addresses questions about power and gender, but the residue is less the critique of the gender norm, but rather the sublime feelings that are aroused by, for example, bodies, painted by hands, dipped in colours.”

Sven Rånlund



Original creative team

On Stage Peter Carlstedt, Soledad Howe, Ingvar Örner

Director Karin Blixt

Costume Heidi Saikonnen

Music Björn Knutsson

Stage Design Ger Olde Monnikhof, Johan Rödström

Lighting Design Johan Rödström

Production Petra Revenue, Beatrice Berggren

Graphic Design  Peter Alfredsson, Jonathan Mattebo, Pensky Agency

Web Page Terje Himberg Larsen, OKIMONO





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The western occidental male is a symbol for wealth and power for many people in the world today, and we generally have strong feelings about him. But how does he relate to the shifts in society and the image of power and control he is is forced to represent?


During the process we have created choreographies inspired by so called ’power poses’, testosterone-increasing movements and poses used by world leaders and other primates to signal dominance. 



A very common man just wants to avoid other peoples opinions. But suddenly what everyone thinks and feels is being exposed. What is hidden becomes visible through strong, garish colours, subjective perspectives and deformity. Expressions visualizes how all of us connect and influence each other far more than we may imagine. 


It is none language based and therefore possible to understand in any language. Expressions is a live art theatre piece. It colours our communication and visualizes what happens between us, beyond words, as ordinary life interactions are transformed into expressionist art on stage. 







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Andréegatan 13

413 27 Göteborg


Telephone +46 (0)32 159 055



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