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The piece is inspired by expressionism. Defining of the -ism is garish colors, subjective perspectives and deformity.

The aim to awake feelings in the viewer and speak about contemporary issues. It was said that the green fairy showed

herself if you drank too much Absint, the famous liqueur that lured the expressionist painters to Paris at the end of the 18th century, before it was banned.



The Artist Peter Carlstedt

The Fairy Soledad Howe

The Man Ingvar Örner



Idea Karin Blix

Set Johan Rödström and Ger Olde Monnikhof

Costume Heidi Saikonen

Music Björn Knutsson

Graphic design Peter Alfredsson, Jonathan Persson Mattebo, Pensky 

Production Petra Revenue, Karin Jensén, Beatrice Berggren




INSTA #teatertrixter




19.00 Sold Out










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The western occidental male is a symbol for wealth and power for many people in the world today, and we generally have strong feelings about him. But how does he relate to the shifts of society, to the changing balance of power in the world, to the projections that we place upon him? 


Expressions visualize how we connect and influence each other far more than we think, even in ordinary life situations like taking the subway. It shows that who ever we are, we are connected through invisible threads. And we can’t cut loose.




A very ordinary western man who just wants to be left alone is forced to exist simultaneously as an artist with a hunchback and a green fairy -born from a painting. And everything everyone thinks about each other is made visible through colors.


Expressions is a performance theatre piece, made for an adult audience and an expression that will be possible to understand in any language. Our goal is to explore that which is highly subjective, but common ground for all of us. 


We color our communication and reactions to each other and visualize what happens between us, beyond words, as ordinary life situations are transformed into expressionist art on stage. 







Wed 14 okt 

Thu 15 okt

Sat 17 ot 

Sun 18 okt 

Tue 20 okt

Wed 21

Thu 22

Tue 27 

Thu 29 okt 

Sun 1 nov 


180 Kr.

Senior, student, unemployed 100 Kr.


AGE from 15 year


LENGTH Aprox 50 min


Press photos


Andréegatan 13

413 27 Göteborg


Telephone +46 (0)32 159 055




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