Koloni fredag 1/11 på Teater Trixter 20:00



STEVE GUNN (New York) 

EKTA (Gbg) 

Kvällen fungerar även som releasekalas för Robert Leiners 7" Vinyl på Höga Nord Rekords

Entré 100 kr


"It’s impossible to just talk about Steve. He’s too good! He’s so good, just listen to him. (...) I just want to listen to him. (...) Just from growing up with "roots music" (so to speak) and just kind of immediately seeing something that was real and totally pure, no gimmicks. Add to that a solid vocal and some melodies with traces of folk and the delta blues, sure, but also, I dunno, like the Meat Puppets maybe. But he takes it further, and on his own terms, and all the while it sounds old, and new, and timeless. Dude's a head, what can I say? It made me want to be a part of it myself"
- Kurt Vile, for Pitchfork 

"His 2009 solo masterpiece, Boerum Palace, saw him exploring slow ballads, simply-strummed ditties, lengthy raga/ psych hybrids, twangy country meditations and sprightly bluegrass-inflected jaunts.
Gunn’s deft diversity continues on Sand City, his 2010 duo record with drummer John Trucsinski. Over the course of four tracks, the pair revels in jams that all have a searching, mountain-climbing quality. It’s as if when each track starts, they have a summit in their sights and the knowledge that all it takes to get there is the right chords and rhythms. Gunn hits the target every time, from his winding, snake-charming acoustic plucks that weave around Truscinki’s beat on “Takism II” to the cascading electric circles he runs during the dizzying “Wythe Raag.” This means it’s anyone’s guess what he’ll play when he performs, but you can bet it will still sound like Steve Gunn"
- Marc Masters



TENTAKEL (aka Pontus Torstensson) skapar kosmisk elektronisk krautdisco med ambienta element. Utgångspunkten är trumset och därifrån integreras samplers, looppedaler, synthar och effekter.

Pontus spelar till vardags trummor i Echodeck, Uran, Surreal Lovers och the Exorcist Gbg. 




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